Art & Accessories - Table Settings

Wall Thermal Mugs

Wall Thermal MugsPrice: $36.00

Beach Be Friends Mugs

Beach Be Friends MugsPrice: $36.00

Quarlet Candleholder

Quarlet CandleholderPrice: $170.00

Jose Serving Tray

Jose Serving TrayPrice: $199.00

Alpha Tray

Alpha TrayPrice: $169.00

Paloma Charger

Paloma ChargerPrice: $229.00

Elongated Aluminum Leaf Tray

Elongated Aluminum Leaf TrayPrice: $105.00

Steel Tealight Holder

Steel Tealight HolderPrice: $35.00

Ice Tealight Holder

Ice Tealight HolderPrice: $42.00

Forest Tealight Holder

Forest Tealight HolderPrice: $49.00

Small Omaggio Candle Holder

Small Omaggio Candle HolderPrice: $25.00

Medium Omaggio Candle Holder

Medium Omaggio Candle HolderPrice: $35.00

Tall Omaggio Candle Holder

Tall Omaggio Candle HolderPrice: $42.00

Small Snow Tealight Holder

Small Snow Tealight HolderPrice: $35.00

Medium Snow Tealight Holder

Medium Snow Tealight HolderPrice: $42.00

Tall Snow Tealight Holder

Tall Snow Tealight HolderPrice: $49.00

Discus Clear Votive

Discus Clear VotivePrice: $20.00

Amour Votive

Amour VotivePrice: $20.00

Ice Cube Votive

Ice Cube VotivePrice: $20.00

Delight Votive

Delight VotivePrice: $20.00

Torg Rectangular Candleholder

Torg Rectangular CandleholderPrice: $80.00

Torg Long Candleholder

Torg Long CandleholderPrice: $80.00

Tattoo Dish

Tattoo DishPrice: $275.00

Connect Candlesticks

Connect CandlesticksPrice: $140.00

Brick Votive

Brick VotivePrice: $45.00More Colors Available

Brick Votive

Brick VotivePrice: $45.00More Colors Available

Snowball Votive

Snowball VotivePrice: $20.00

Tattoo Dish

Tattoo DishPrice: $248.00

Double Candle Holder

Double Candle HolderPrice: $179.00

Mini Lagoon Plate

Mini Lagoon PlatePrice: $250.00

Small Lagoon Plate

Small Lagoon PlatePrice: $435.00

Triangolo Plate

Triangolo PlatePrice: $85.00

Triangolo Plate

Triangolo PlatePrice: $85.00

Triangolo Plate

Triangolo PlatePrice: $295.00

Small Penta Bowl

Small Penta BowlPrice: $39.00

Medium Penta Bowl

Medium Penta BowlPrice: $49.00

Large Penta Bowl

Large Penta BowlPrice: $59.00

Penta Thermos

Penta ThermosPrice: $99.00

Wine Aerating and Decanting Spout

Wine Aerating and Decanting SpoutPrice: $29.00

Wine Ball

Wine BallPrice: $89.00

Advent Candle Holder

Advent Candle HolderPrice: $99.00

Advent Candle Holder

Advent Candle HolderPrice: $99.00

Design with Light Tall Lantern

Design with Light Tall LanternPrice: $95.00More Colors Available

Design with Light Candleholder

Design with Light CandleholderPrice: $56.00

Design with Light Medium Lantern

Design with Light Medium LanternPrice: $99.00More Colors Available

Lumi Candleholder

Lumi CandleholderPrice: $119.00

Small Hurricane Lamp

Small Hurricane LampPrice: $169.00

Medium Hurricane Lamp

Medium Hurricane LampPrice: $189.00

Large Hurricane Lamp

Large Hurricane LampPrice: $199.00

Harpo Table Sculpture

Harpo Table SculpturePrice: $498.00

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